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The Pressure Relief of Memory Foam 



  • Sleeping Hot

  • Feeling Stuck

  • Feeling Like You Lack Support

Our Customers Love Pillar's Softness + Support


Sleep easy knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment one Z at a time.

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Rest Easy, With Superior Quality.  Without The Ridiculous Price Tag

We believe everyone in America should be able to get a great mattress for less. So, we stripped out every unnecessary step that usually drives up the price of thick, well built mattresses - then passed those savings onto you and priced our mattresses cheaper than competitors.

Brands & Designers

Softness + Support

When you lay down you will feel a perfect balance of softness & support.  With 6" of foam above the coils & a zoned coil unit to provide extra back support its the perfect balance of pressure relief & support.

Cooler Sleep

Pillar foam does not succumb to temperature fluctuations like traditional memory foam does, ensuring that body heat dissipates quickly for a more comfortable, cooler sleep without feeling restricted by the mattress.

Pressure Relief

Get the best sleep ever without any discomfort - with a Elevated mattress! Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, our mattresses provide four times less peak pressure on your hips and shoulders without feeling stuck.

Long Lasting

Pillar high-resilience foam is guaranteed to be far more durable than memory foam, guaranteeing a long-lasting mattress which is designed to stop sagging as the years go by. This means that, compared to a mattress made from memory foam, your mattress will last much longer.

Feel Elevated, Not Stuck

Pillar Foam will provide better pressure relief than memory foam.  While it provides the perfect amount of body hug you will not feel stuck, and it will be easy to move around on.  Elevate your sleep today.

Pillar Benefits

Which Firmness Should You Choose?

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Medium Soft

Pillar is designed for the perfect balance of softness and support.  The softer model is best for those who are combination sleepers and side sleepers.  This model provides superior pressure relief and support.  

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Medium Firm

Pillar is designed for the perfect balance of softness and support.  The firmer model is best for those who are combination sleepers and back/stomach sleepers. 

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Split Firmness

This model is made for couples who need a different feel in the same mattress.  We put the soft on the left and the firm on the right.  If you need that reversed simply spin the mattress. 

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